SAP Lumira - Creating Charts

In SAP Lumira, a chart can be created by dragging measures and dimensions to the Chart Canvas in the central area under the Visualize tab.

To create a chart, there should be at least one measure. When a dimension is added to the chart, it shows values based on the measures.

Adding a chart in Chart builder

Follow the steps to add a chart.

Step 1 − In the Visualize tab, go to Chart Builder.

Step 2 − Select a chart type that you want to use in the Chart Builder. Bar Chart is the default chart type, but you can select any chart from the list.

Creating Charts Step2

Step 3 − The next step is to choose a measure and drag it to an axis on the Chart Canvas. You can check in chart where to add dimensions and measures.

Step 4 − You can click on ‘+’ sign to add a dimension or measure to a chart.

Step 5 − Select a dimension and drag it to the Chart Canvas. The text in the chart body guides you to the correct axis for the dimension.

Creating Charts Step5

Step 6 − You can also add a filter to chart by clicking on filter option at the top.

Creating Charts Step6

Step 7 − Select the dimension on which you want to apply a filter and click OK.

Creating Charts Step7