SAP Lumira - Preparing Data in Prepare Tab

Once data set is acquired, it appears in Prepare tab. This data needs to be formatted before charting and visualizations. Different types of formatting can be done on acquired data set −

  • Data Cleansing
  • Create New Measures
  • Create Formula
  • Add New Dataset

Prepare tab has different panels that can be used to perform these functions −

Prepare Tab

Dimension and Measure Panel

It contains a list of all the dimensions and measures acquired in the data set. The number in front of each object represents its data type.

You can use different tools in this panel to edit the data objects and to add hierarchies.

Dimension and Measure Panel List

Dataset Selector

You can select between multiple datasets or you can also acquire a new dataset using this option.

Select Multiple Datasets

Filter Bar

This represents a filter applied to any dimension in dataset. To add a filter, click the icon in front of the dataset and select the option Filter.

Add Filter

How to add new Calculated Measure?

Step 1 − To add a new Calculated Measure, Select New Calculated Measure.

Calculated Measure Step1

Step 2 − new Measure name.

Step 3 − Enter the formula.

Step 4 − Use a function if required and click OK.

Calculated Measure Step2

A new Calculated Measure will be added under the measures tab in dimension and measure panel.