SAP Lumira - Data Acquisition

The key steps in Data acquisition are as follows −

  • For data acquisition in SAP Lumira, create a new document that will contain the data and visualization of acquired data.

  • Next is to connect to a data source, which contains data for visualization.

  • Acquire the data to create a data set.

  • Data acquisition can be done from multiple compatible data sources to use in a single visualization or data analysis.

  • Once data is acquired, it comes under the Prepare tab.

Data Acquisition
  • Select a Data Source. Enter the system details from where the data is to be acquired and click Next.

Select Data Source

Connect Sap Hana
  • Select a Data source like SAP HANA View and click Next.

Select Sap Hana
  • Select Dimensions and Measures and click Create.

Select Dimensions Measures

Select Dimensions Measures1