SAP Lumira - Working With Excel Files

You can use an Excel file to create data set in SAP Lumira.

Follow the steps given below.

Step 1 − Go to File → New (Create a data set).

File New

Step 2Select a Source − Load an Excel worksheet as a dataset and click the Next icon at the bottom.

Excel Worksheet

Step 3 − Browse the path of .xls file. You have an option to choose the first row as column names. You can hide a particular column from .xls by selecting the Select All option.

Step 4 − You can click the Advance option to select a custom range. You can also include hidden rows and columns. Once correct options are selected, click the create button at the bottom.

Advance Option

Step 5 − All the data with integer values appear under Measures and all the columns appear under Dimensions. This data will come under the Prepare tab.


Step 6 − Go to the Visualize tab at the top to create the visualization on top of the data set.