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This section presents you various set of Mock Tests related to SAP Webi. You can download these sample mock tests at your local machine and solve offline at your convenience. Every mock test is supplied with a mock test key to let you verify the final score and grade yourself.

Questions and Answers

SAP Lumira Mock Test I

Q 1 - When you open SAP Lumira, which of the following is not a valid tab in Lumira?

A - Prepare

B - Visualize

C - Compose

D - Plan

E - Share

Answer : D


When you login to Lumira Data visualization tool, there are 4 tabs at the top:


This is used to import data set in SAP Lumira. Data cleansing is done and converted into the appropriate measures or attributes for the reports.

You can add new custom calculations here.


This tab is used to add graphs and charts on the data that has been imported and organized in Prepare tab. You can add different attributes and measures to Label axis.


This is used to create stories and presentation, including background colors, titles, pictures, and text.


This tab is used to publish your visualizations to different platforms or with different set of users in BI Repository.

Q 2 - Which of the following is not an option when you add a new dataset to Lumira?

A - Connect to SAP HANA

B - Microsoft Excel

C - SAP Business Warehouse

D - Analysis View

E - Copy from Clipboard

Answer : D


Add new Dataset

Q 3 - Which of the following is an old name of SAP Lumira?

A - Web Intelligence

B - Dashboard

C - Data Visualization Intelligence

D - Visual Intelligence

Answer : D

Q 4 - When acquiring new data set using CSV file, which of the following option you use to select number and date format?

A - Edit Data Source

B - Advance Options

C - Connections

D - None of these

Answer : B


Advance option can be used to select Number and Date format. Click on the Create to enter the data to Prepare tab.

Q 5 - Which of the following option you can use to copy the data locally and you can edit and manipulate the data to visualize in the charts using SAP HANA as data source?

A - Connect to SAP HANA

B - Download from SAP HANA

C - Analysis View

D - All of the above

Answer : B

Q 6 - Universes that are created with .unx extension using Information Design Tool/.unv files created in UDT and published to BI repository can be used as data source in SAP Lumira. Which of the following parameter value is not required normally to connect to Universe?

A - Host Name

B - Authentication Type

C - Port Number

D - User Name

Answer : C


Enter the Credential details for Universe −

  • Host name
  • User Name
  • Password
  • Authentication Type
  • Click on Connect option

Q 7 - SAP Lumira allows you to create dataset by using SQL query for target data source manually. Which of the following driver type is used for typical databases?


B - OData


D - All of these

Answer : A


You can use JDBC drivers for typical databases like −

  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • IBM DB2
  • Sybase
  • Teradata

Q 8 - When you acquire dataset in SAP Lumira, which of the following tab is used for data cleansing, new calculations, formulas?

A - Prepare

B - Visualize

C - Compose

D - Share

Answer : A


Once data set is acquired, it appears in Prepare tab. This data needs to be formatted before charting and visualizations. Different types of formatting can be done on acquired data set −

  • Data Cleansing
  • Create New Measures
  • Create Formula
  • Add New Dataset

Prepare tab has different panels that can be used to perform these functions.

Q 9 - Which of the following can be used to download SAP Lumira server?

A - Software Update Manager

B - SAP Community Network

C - SAP Market Place

D - SAP Cloud Appliance Library

Answer : C

Q 10 - Which of the following can be used to publish the stories created in Lumira desktop to Lumira server?

A - Prepare Tab

B - Publish Tab

C - Share Tab

D - Visualize Tab

Answer : C


You will see a new "Publish to SAP Lumira Server" option under the Share tab. Select your story and click on “Publish to SAP Lumira Server”. You will be asked to enter your SAP Lumira credentials.

Q 11 - Is SAP Lumira Server a native SAP HANA application?

A - True

B - False

Answer : A


Yes, SAP Lumira Server is a native SAP HANA XS application hosted on and managed by the SAP HANA platform.

Q 12 - A SAP Lumira Server be accessed via a mobile device?

A - True

B - False

Answer : A

Answer Sheet

Question Number Answer Key
1 D
2 D
3 D
4 B
5 B
6 C
7 A
8 A
9 C
10 C
11 A
12 A


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