Using github and nbviewer

Sharing Jupyter notebook – Using github and nbviewer

Jupyter Notebook files with .ipynb extension in a GitHub repository will be rendered as static HTML files when they are opened. The interactive features of the notebook, such as custom JavaScript plots, will not work in your repository on GitHub.

To share notebook file using github, login to https://github.comand create a public repository. Then upload your files using upload file button as shown below −


This will give you an option to commit the changes made to the repository. Then, the repository will show uploaded file as below −

Updated Repository

Click on the uploaded file to view inside github viewer. You can share the highlighted URL to others.

Inside Github viewer

Another way to view the notebook file online is by using nbviewer utility of Project Jupyter. Open and put URL of file in your repository in the textfield as shown. Press Go button to view the notebook.


Both these methods display notebook file as static html. To be able to execute code in the notebook, open it using Binder application of Jupyter project.

Binder Application

In the nbviewer window you will see ‘Execute on Binder’ button. Click on it and you will see the notebook file opened exactly like you open it from local dashboard of notebook server on your local machine. You can perform all actions like add/edit cells, run the cells etc.

Execute On Binder
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