Project Jupyter - Overview

Project Jupyter started as a spin-off from IPython project in 2014. IPython’s language-agnostic features were moved under the name – Jupyter. The name is a reference to core programming languages supported by Jupyter which are Julia, Python and RProducts under Jupyter project are intended to support interactive data science and scientific computing.

The project Jupyter consists of various products described as under −

  • IPykernel − This is a package that provides IPython kernel to Jupyter.

  • Jupyter client − This package contains the reference implementation of the Jupyter protocol. It is also a client library for starting, managing and communicating with Jupyter kernels.

  • Jupyter notebook − This was earlier known as IPython notebook. This is a web based interface to IPython kernel and kernels of many other programming languages.

  • Jupyter kernels − Kernel is the execution environment of a programming language for Jupyter products.

The list of Jupyter kernels is given below −

  • Qtconsole − A rich Qt-based console for working with Jupyter kernels

  • nbconvert − Converts Jupyter notebook files in other formats

  • JupyterLab − Web based integrated interface for notebooks, editors, consoles etc.

  • nbviewer − HTML viewer for notebook files

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