Jupyter Notebook - User Interface

In the user interface of Jupyter, just beside the logo in the header, the file name is displayed.

Jupyter Filename Creation

You can find the menu bar below the header. Each menu contains many options that will be discussed later.

Jupyter Notebook MenuBar

A row of icons forming toolbar helps user to perform often required operations

Jupyter Notebook ToolBar

The notebook has two modes − Command mode and Edit mode. Notebook enters edit mode when a cell is clicked. Notice the pencil symbol just besides name of kernel.

Jupyter Notebook Editmode

Kernel indicator symbol is displayed just to the right of kernel name. Note that a hollow circle means kernel is idle and solid circle means it is busy.

Jupyter Notebook Kernel Indicator

File Menu

The following are the options available in the File menu −

Sr.No. File menu & Description

New notebook

choose the kernel to start new notebook



Takes user to dashboard to choose notebook to open


Save as

save current notebook and start new kernel



rename current notebook



saves current notebook and stores current checkpoint



reverts state of notebook to earlier checkpoint



export notebook in one of various file formats

The file formats that are available are shown below −

File Formats

Edit Menu

Edit menu consists of buttons to perform cut, copy and paste cells, delete selected cell, split and merge cells, move cells up and down, find and replace within notebook, cut/copy attachments and insert image.

View Menu

Buttons in this menu help us to hide/display header, toolbar and cell numbers.

Insert Menu

This menu gives you options for inserting cell before or after the current cell.

Cell Menu

The options in this menu let user run all or specific cells in the notebook. You can also set the cell type to code type, markdown or raw nbconvert type.

Kernel Menu

From this menu you can start, interrupt, restart or shutdown the kernel. You can also start a new kernel.

Widgets Menu

From this menu you can save, clear, download or embed widget state.

Help menu

Various predefined keyboard shortcuts are displayed from this menu. You can also edit the shortcuts as per your convenience.

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