Embedding IPython

The embed() function of IPython module makes it possible to embed IPython in your Python codes’ namespace. Thereby you can leverage IPython features like object introspection and tab completion, in default Python environment.

IPython module

Python objects present in the global namespace before embedding, will be available to IPython.

Python objects

If new objects are formed while in IPython or previous objects are modified, they will be automatically available to default environment after exiting IPython. Embedded IPython shell doesn’t change the state of earlier code or objects.

However, if IPython is embedded in local namespace like inside a function, the objects inside it will not be available once it is closed. Here, we have defined a function add(). Inside add() we invoke IPython and declared a variable. If we try to access variable in IPython after it is closed, NameError exception will be raised.

IPython NameError Exception
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