GATE Section-XE-D Solid Mechanics Syllabus


Course Syllabus

  • Equivalent force systems
  • Free-body diagrams
  • Equilibrium equations
  • Analysis of determinate trusses and frames
  • Friction
  • Particle kinematics and dynamics
  • Dynamics of rigid bodies under planar motion
  • Law of conservation of energy
  • Law of conservation of momentum
  • Stresses and strains
  • Principal stresses and strains
  • Mohr’s circle for plane stress and plane strain
  • Generalized Hooke’s Law
  • Elastic constants
  • Thermal stresses
  • Theories of failure
  • Axial, shear and bending moment diagrams
  • Axial, shear and bending stresses
  • Combined stresses
  • Deflection (for symmetric bending)
  • Torsion in circular shafts
  • Thin walled pressure vessels
  • Energy methods (Castigliano’s Theorems)
  • Euler buckling
  • Free vibration of single degree of freedom systems

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