Current Affairs April 2019 - Online Quiz


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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - Mercedes' driver Lewis Hamilton has won Bahrain Grand Prix title. He is from which country?

A - Austria

B - Australia

C - UK

D - Finland

Answer : C

Q 2 - Bajrang Punia is from which state?

A - Madhya Pradesh

B - Haryana

C - Rajasthan

D - Uttar Pradesh

Answer : B

Q 3 - Who has won the first gold medal for India in 23rd Asian athletics championships in Doha?

A - Gomathi Marimuthu

B - Shivpal Singh

C - Dutee Chand

D - Dharun Ayyasamy

Answer : A

Q 4 - The present Chairman of Tata Sons is __________.

A - Chidambaram Pillai

B - Siva Nadar

C - Aruna Jayanthi

D - Natarajan Chandrasekharan

Answer : D

Q 5 - Woolly-necked Stork and White-bellied Drongo are two new bird species recently spotted at _______.

A - Kerala’s Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

B - Doddabetta Peak

C - Nilgiri Forests

D - Simhachalam Range

Answer : A

Q 6 - Who among the following is re-elected as Israel’s Prime Minister for fifth time?

A - Shimon Peres

B - Ehud Olmert

C - Benjamin Netanyahu

D - Ariel Sharon

Answer : C

Q 7 - Gagandeep Kang recently became the first Indian female FRS. What does FRS stand for?

A - Fellow of the Revenue Service

B - Fellow of the Royal Society

C - Fellow of the Royal Service

D - None

Answer : B

Q 8 - ___________ won National Intellectual Property Award.


B - Wipro

C - Mukesh Ambani

D - Benny Antony

Answer : D

Q 9 - ___________ was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize.

A - Alfred Brownell

B - Richard Goldman

C - Rhoda Goldman

D - None of the above

Answer : A

Q 10 - ___________ awarded the Freedom of the City of London.

A - Neerav Modi

B - Alice G. Vaidyan

C - Shahrukh Khan

D - Indra Nooyi

Answer : B