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CSS - pause-after

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The pause-after property defines the duration of a silent pause to be inserted after the content of an element.

Possible Values:

  • time: Any time value (e.g., 300ms); the pause will be the length of time specified.
  • percentage: The length of the pause is dictated by the value of speech-rate. Thus, pause-after: 33% would yield 167ms if the speech rate is two words per second (120 words per minute), and 333ms if it's one word per second (60 words per minute).

DOM Syntax:


Applies to:

All the HTML elements


Here is the example:

<style tyle="text/css">
table {pause-after: 1500ms;}
li {pause-after: 50%;}

For more detail please look into CSS Aural Media.

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