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CSS - page-break-inside

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The page-break-inside property indicates whether page breaks should be allowed within an element's box.

The value of this property is not the sole factor in determining whether a page break should follow the element. This decision will also be affected by the values of page-break-before and page-break-after for any descendant elements.

Possible Values:

  • avoid: No page break should be placed inside the element's box if at all possible.
  • auto: Page breaks should be neither forced nor prevented inside the element's box.

Applies to:

All the block level elements


Here is the example:

<style tyle="text/css">
ul, ol {page-break-inside: avoid;}
table {page-break-inside: avoid;}
p {page-break-inside: auto;}

For more detail please look into CSS Paged Media.

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