CSS - outline-color


The outline-color property sets the color for an outline around an element.

Possible Values

  • color − Any valid color value.

  • invert − The outline performs a color inversion of the area where it is drawn.

Applies to

All the HTML elements.

DOM Syntax

object.style.outlineColor = "red";


Here is the example −

      <p style = "outline-width:thin; outline-style:solid;outline-color:red">
         This text is having thin solid red  outline.
      <br />
      <p style = "outline-width:thick; outline-style:dashed;outline-color:#009900">
         This text is having thick dashed green outline.
      <br />
      <p style = "outline-width:5px;outline-style:dotted;outline-color:rgb(13,33,232)">
         This text is having 5x dotted blue outline.

This will produce following result −