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CSS - font-size-adjust

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The font-size-adjust property is used to improve the legibility of alternate font choices.

Possible Values:

  • number: The aspect value of the first font listed in the value of the property font-family. This value is used in the equation fs x (fa/aa) = as, where fs is the declared value of font-size for the element, fa is the declared value of font-size-adjust, aa is the aspect value of the actual font to be used, and as is the computed font-size for the element.
  • none: No size adjustments should be made to alternate font choices.

Applies to:

All the HTML elements

DOM Syntax:



Here is the example using this property:

<p style="font-size-adjust:0.61;">
This text is using a font-size-adjust value.

This will produce following result:

This text is using a font-size-adjust value.

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