What are the famous cuisines of Gujarat?

Gujarat as a place offers a variety of Vegetarian foods predominantly and there is a variety of dishes that are popular here. Jaggery and Chickpea flour is used extensively in many Gujarati cuisines. Some of the popular dishes are:

Khaman Dhokla/ Dhokra

This dish originates in Gujarat and is a popular breakfast dish which is sometimes served even in the main course. Dhokla is prepared by chickpea flour using the method of fermentation. It tastes best with a combination of sweet and sour chutney. There are different varieties of Dhokla too that exist like Sandwich Dhokla, White Dhokla, etc.


It is a traditional Gujarati Sabzi which used to be prepared in joint families with all the women working together in its preparation. This is because the process of making Undiyu is extremely arduous. It is mainly prepared using seasonal vegetables like yam, eggplants, and fritters (called muthia in Gujarati). It is served with roti/ chapatti/ puri. Undhiyu is also an expensive dish as other cuisines of Gujarat.

Jalebi Fafda

Jalebi is a sweet dish made using a batter of refined flour, deep fried and then dipped in sugar syrup. Fafda, on the other hand, is a spicy crunchy dish which is made of chickpea flour shaped in long strips. The combination of two is lip smacking for any food lover and hence, it has the popularity of a cuisine.


Thepla is a roti- kind of dish which is the peculiarity of Gujarat. It is made using fenugreek leaves (methi), different spices, common flour, and chickpea flour mixed together and kneads to form a soft dough. This is then heated on a tawa to prepare hot and amazing theplas which are served with Green Chilli Chutney, pickle, and curd.

Besan Kadi

This is yet another dish which is prepared using Chickpea flour. Kadi is served with rice or sometimes people relish this dish alone without any supplement. It is a combination of chickpea flour and yogurt which is heated in proper proportion with other dry spices and oil to make a smooth paste. Kadi has the consistency like any soup.


This is prepared by rolling up chickpea flour sheets. This little Khadvis along with tea serves as a perfect combination for an evening snack. Other ingredients involved in making it are buttermilk, green chillis, turmeric and other spices which are then garnished with grated coconut, coriander, and mustard seeds.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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