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Learning Style: Meaning & Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 16-Jan-2023 18:27:25
According to the concept of learning styles, pupils may be categorized into many categories depending on their distinct methods of exploring. Pupils will learn more effectively if they are taught methods matched to their preferred method of absorbing knowledge. Meaning of Learning Style Individuals have preferences for various learning environments, referred to as learning styles or learning preferences. Learning style theories acknowledge that people learn differently and that each person has a distinct learning style. You have probably observed that some pupils learn better in the morning, while others prefer to study at night. Some pupils like to learn ... Read More

Group Decision-Making and Leadership for Social Change

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 16-Jan-2023 18:27:04
A strong leader will facilitate an orderly collective decision-making process. Collaborative decision-making is the process by which a group of people decides between two or more options; conclusions reached via this method are more efficient than those reached by an individual working alone, thanks to the synergy effect. How Social Change takes Place by Group Making and Leadership? Climate change, religious tensions, and atomic warfare are difficulties we confront today. Adaptive, innovative solutions are needed for the challenges of wealth and opportunity inequality, dwindling citizen interest and engagement in the political system, growing government inefficiency, the transition from an ... Read More

Forensic Psychology: Meaning & Application

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 16-Jan-2023 18:26:14
The application of clinical specializations to legal organizations and those who interact with the legal system is known as forensic psychology. It is the result of how psychology and law interact. In this field, psychologists may find work in governmental organizations, educational institutions, therapeutic facilities, legal offices, prisons, and jails. A forensic psychologist has a wide range of duties, although the majority of them are connected to the criminal justice system. The defendant's mental competence to stand trial is a crucial issue in criminal prosecution. What is Forensic Psychology? The field of forensic psychology is focused on the psychological ... Read More

Emotion Vs. Mood

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 16-Jan-2023 18:25:35
When you feel blue, sad, or depressed, what exactly is going on? Are you just in a bad mood or are you experiencing an emotion that’s more intense than the regular blues we all get sometimes? Both mood and emotion are words that come up frequently when talking about how we feel. But what’s the difference between the two concepts and which one best describes how you feel? These terms are both quite broad, covering everything from your general outlook on life to smaller moments such as getting excited about something or feeling happy as a result of ... Read More

Effective Strategies in Guidance Programs

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 16-Jan-2023 18:24:30
Many issues arise for students at different points throughout their educational careers. The causes of these issues might be socio-cultural, pedagogical, psychological, or occupational. One of the primary goals of the guidance program is to provide students with the tools they need to confront these challenges and develop the independence they will need to succeed in the long run. Meaning of Effective Strategies in Guidance Programs A common perception is that guidance programs in schools could be more visible. The government has made suggestions to fix this problem for decades, yet nothing has changed. Lack of proper understanding among ... Read More

Effective Strategies for Social Change

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 16-Jan-2023 18:23:45
Simple, selfless gestures like giving a stranger a kind smile or keeping the door open to them may have a profound effect on the world. Sometimes these spontaneous acts of goodwill can result in a ripple impact that can stretch far beyond the initial performer. Meaning of Effective Strategies for Social Change Humans' interactions and connections are at the heart of social change, affecting how we live our lives and how our communities are structured. The effects of these shifts on society are cumulative and often far-reaching. Doing something kind for someone else may enhance that person's day and ... Read More

Educational Psychology: Meaning & Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 16-Jan-2023 18:21:47
Many aspects of the research of psychology, including cognitive psychology, behavioral psychology, and developmental psychology, are included in the area of the model of discovery. Perspectives in a model of discovery range from the behavioral to the developmental to the cognitive to the constructivist to the experiential. Meaning of Education Psychology The model of discovering is the subfield of psychology concerned with using psychological knowledge in the classroom, and it is the scientific analysis of how people act in classrooms. "Model of discovering aids the educator in comprehending his students' growth, their talents and limitations, the nature of their ... Read More

Educating and Motivating the Disadvantaged Individuals

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 16-Jan-2023 18:20:17
When we provide aid to the poor and needy, we also increase their dependency on us. A positive and permanent change will occur if we give them a chance or an opportunity. Please make a new system based on mutual aid that inspires people to advance and keeps their pride intact as they work. While aiding the poor and disadvantaged individuals in terms of monetary or physically challenged in the forms of providing education and other basic facilities are appreciated. It is more important to focus on helping those in need develop the skills, relationships, and confidence they need to ... Read More

Criminal Rehabilitation: Meaning & Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 16-Jan-2023 18:19:23
The core tenet of penal reform is that a former inmate will never actively seek re-incarceration once released. The time spent behind bars is supposed to create such a profound imprint on an inmate that they would do everything to keep from going back. Explaining Criminal Rehabilitation In recent years, many jails have hired practitioners to treat inmates with mental illness and other psychological problems. Some prisons even provide classrooms where convicts can attend school and get an education while incarcerated. Proven effective, these strategies have helped numerous inmates overcome low educational attainment. After release, inmates who complete these ... Read More

Consumer Psychology: Meaning & Significance

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 16-Jan-2023 18:18:43
Consumer psychology is one of the newest fields to develop over the last few decades. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the influence their decisions have on others so the need to understand their behavior has never been greater. The most influential individuals are found in advertising and marketing, but this doesn’t mean that consumer psychology can't apply to anyone, anywhere. What is Consumer Psychology? Consumer psychology is the study of the actions people or groups take when they choose, pay for, utilize, or discard goods, services, concepts, or experiences to satiate their wants and desires. The choice ... Read More
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