What are the famous cuisines of Rajasthan?

There are many famous cuisines that are special in Rajasthan. Food habits of the local people depend on the locally available ingredients and weather conditions of that particular region. Based on the climatic conditions, food that could last for several days and could be eaten without heating was preferred. The scarcity of water and fresh green vegetables have all had their effect on the cooking.

Dal baati churma

This is a very famous dish in Rajasthan and very commonly eaten in that region. Baati is basically a hard bread that is cooked in the areas near Rajasthan. Baati or the bread is always eaten with dal also known as lentil curry. Baati is famous in the region of Rajasthan as it hardly requires any water in its preparation and it also has a very long shelf life as if can be preserved without getting spoiled. Churma on other hand is a ground wheat mixture that is cooked in ghee and sugar.

Gatte ki sabzi

For this dish, even though it mainly comprises of vegetables there is no need for you to have any fresh vegetables. The curry is made from dumplings that are made of gram flour. They are mostly steamed or else lightly fried and gravy is made to assist it. The gravy mostly comprise of tomato, buttermilk, and some spices.

Laal Maans

Though the state of Rajasthan in predominantly a state of vegetarian food, Laal Maans is one of the most favorite non-vegetarian dishes. From the name, as you can tell, it means red meat. Spicy curry with the mutton is cooked along with chilies, onions, and curd.

Papad ki sabzi

Since Rajasthan is a state that has always been a dry state without much supply of water, this dish was a lifesaver as they didn’t have the availability of any vegetable and other resources. Roasted papads are just thin Indian pieces of bread that are basically made out of lentils. The curry consists of these papads that are broken down into pieces and added to the gravy along with some curd. For garnishing the curry, you can use some gram flour, chili powder, and chopped coriander leaves. This curry is usually served with steamed rice.


This dish is basically a broth that is made from millet, buttermilk, and flour. It is then heated and fermented. The flour and the buttermilk are put in the pot and then it's mixed in order to make it into a thick sauce. Later it is left to simmer over on a low flame for several hours until it is properly cooked. There are also other varieties of this dish where according to your preference you can add some corn flour as well.

Onion Kachori

These are basically deep fried bread that is made from plain flour and then they are stuffed with onions in between along with a mixture of spices like cumin, turmeric, and chili powder. Usually, they are served with a chutney made out of tamarind or coriander and mint. This is a popular savory all over India but mainly originated in Rajasthan.