What are the famous cuisines of Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal Pradesh is a state that is mostly known for its aesthetic beauty. We all know that the state is filled with snowy mountains, fresh air, valleys and little is known about the variety of cuisine they have. Let us discuss some of the foods that are popular in the state of Himachal Pradesh.


  • This is one of the dishes that resembles the food culture of Himachal Pradesh. It can be found in the Chamba and Kangra region of the state.

  • The dish basically consists of chickpeas that are soaked and vegetables and then it is cooked in oil along with a range of spices such as cloves, cardamoms, cinnamon and turmeric powder.

  • This dish is served with utmost love in all restaurants and also during festivals or on important occasions.


  • This dish is found in the Manali and Chamba region of the state.

  • It is basically a full meal comprising of dal, rajma, curd, rice and it ended with a serving of jaggery.

  • Along with a great burst of flavors and taste the dish also provides the customer with a lot of nutrients that are essential for the body. This dish is prepared by only selected chefs who are known as “botis”.

Tudkiya Bhath

  • This dish is the Himachal Pradesh version of a pulao and it can be found in the regions of Chamba.

  • The speciality of the dish is that the cooks not only use Indian spices in the dish but also use lentils, potatoes, yogurt with onions, garlic, and cardamom which gives the dish a unique taste and will make you want to taste it again and again.

Bhey (Spicy Lotus stems)

  • Spicy lotus stems are basically prepared by slicing the lotus stems into thin slices and then they are cooked along with ginger garlic and onions and the coating is done with gram flour.

  • This is one of the dishes that can be found in the whole of the state no matter which area of the region you are in.


  • Although the state doesn’t have many dishes that involves the cooking of meat, this is one dish that is prepared in the region of Chamba and is very popular.

  • The meat used in the dish is the lamb and it is properly marinated before it is cooked in the gravy that is made from yogurt and gram flour.

  • The dish has a very intense taste to it due to the addition of authentic Indian spices such as red chili powder, coriander powder, and ginger garlic paste.


  • This is a side dish in the state of Himachal Pradesh which is used in order to complement mostly a main course of meat along with some boiled or steamed vegetables.

  • The process to make this dish is very time consuming and difficult but in the end, it’s worth the pain as the intensity of the dish is not comparable.

  • The wheat flour is kept for few hours in order for the yeast to settle down and then it is partly cooked and steamed.