What are the famous cuisines of Punjab?

Punjab is world famous for the food that is prepared in their state. It is said that food that is prepared with love and generosity always tastes best and this is purely the reason why Punjab has such a great and unique cuisine. The people in Punjab love their food and most importantly they love butter.

Butter is one of the main ingredients in most of the Punjabi dishes that compliment the dish to have that authentic Punjabi punch to it. Mostly homemade butter is used in the dishes. Let us have a look at some of the most popular dishes originated from Punjab.

Butter chicken

This is easily the most popular dish in the whole of Punjab. The chicken is gently cooked until it becomes very soft and then it is added to the gravy which is made from a variety of spices that have to simmer down into the chicken in order to get the proper taste from it. The gravy can be made either spicy or mild depending on how you would like to eat it.

Tandoori chicken

One of the most traditional dishes in the whole of India. Tandoori chicken can be made by marinating the chicken in a variety of spices and then mixing it with yogurt. The chicken is traditionally cooked at high temperatures until the chicken has been properly cooked and is soft and tender enough to eat.

Tandoor is the clay oven in which the chicken is placed in order to cook. Sometimes people also use a traditional barbeque grill instead of the tandoor to make the chicken.

Aloo paratha

One of the most routine breakfast items in Punjab is aloo paratha. It is basically a fatter and thicker version of a roti that is cut in the middle and then potato fillings are then filled inside the paratha.

It is cooked in large amounts of ghee and served along with curd of butter. This is one of the easiest dishes to make but the fact due to which it is so famous is because of how tasty and how filling the dish is.

Makki di roti

This is flatbread that is cooked on the tava or a stove. This type of roti is eaten mostly in the northern parts and Indian and the Punjab province that is present in the region of Pakistan. Makki di roti means bread of corn and it is yellow in color. People eat this roti along with Sarson da saag which is a curry made of mustard leaves, butter and also buttermilk.


This is a very famous beverage made from curd or buttermilk that is originated from Punjab. Lassi is generally thick and you have an option of either mixing your lassi with sugar or salt. Some people mix both sugar and salt in the lassi to get a unique taste. Lassi acts as a perfect finisher to meals, as it keeps your tummy cool after a heavy meal.