What are the famous cuisines of South India?

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The South Indian cuisine is famous for the use of lentils and spices, green chillies, fresh coconut and dominated by native vegetables and fruits. Rice is the staple food in South India so, most of the delicacies are prepared to be eaten with rice.

Let us see some of the famous dishes that are prepared in the southern part of India.


  • The morning breakfast item in entire South India.

  • The dosa is basically like a large pancake whose dough is made from a mixture of ground rice and urad dal.

  • This dish is literally available everywhere in the areas ranging from street food to posh hotels. Along with the dosa, we are served with sambar and a different variety of chutneys that are made from coconut, peanuts, tamarind and much more.


  • Vada is generally eaten for breakfast in the southern parts of India but, then like all other dishes this dish is available almost everywhere and you can have it during any time of the day.

  • Vada is made from a finely ground dough of soaked black gram and often served with coconut or peanut chutney and a serving of sambar on the side.

  • One of the most famous ways of serving the Vada is known as sambar Vada, where the person is served a big bowl of sambar in which the Vada has already been immersed.


  • Idlis are one of the most popular options of breakfast food in the southern part of India. These are like very soft and white cakes. The batter of idli is made from fermented black lentils and rice. As you should have already guessed, idli is served along with chutneys and sambar to go with it.


  • This is basically like a mini buffet where the food is served in most cases on a banana leaf. The main idea of the thali is to compliment your food palate with a burst of flavors that include salty, sweet and sour.

  • The thali generally comprises of roti, rice, sambar, different vegetable curries, and curd. They also serve it with papad which is a fried version of bread. The thali doesn’t have a specific way in which it should be eaten or anything. Just grab on to the plate and get ready for a burst of different flavors all at once.

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