What are some of the famous things of Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan?

Sawai Madhopur, originally called Madhopur, is a significant and beautiful district of Rajasthan. It is famous for its sightseeing places and also for its food items.

  • Ranthambhore National Park is a significant sightseeing attraction of Sawai Madhopur, which is situated 11 km from the city in the forest area.

  • Surwal Lake is also a popular sightseeing destination of Sawai Madhopur located 14 km from the city.

  • Sawai Man Singh Sanctuary, Sawai Madhopur is famous for its wide range of Flora and Fauna.

  • Chamatkar Temple is one of the most famous Jain Temples in Sawai Madhopur, named after miracles that led to its construction. As per the legendary rumor, it is said that a farmer had found a God’s idol in his land after digging at that place where almighty asked him to dig. It is also believed that every farmer was again told by God in his dreams to put the idol in a chariot and make that place the site of the temple. It is fascinating to know that the idol stands in this temple even today.

  • Amareshwar Mahadev Temple, This is one of the famous temples of Sawai Madhopur after The Chamatkar Temple. Apart from its religious and historic significance, the Amareshwar Mahadev temple attracts a number of tourists because of the surrounding natural beauty.

  • If you are in Sawai Madhopur, you cannot miss Sawai Madhopur 'Pakodi'. Dal Pakodis are very famous in Sawai Madhopur, and they are available even at the bus stand or at the railway station, You binge on these crispy, spicy, hot Pakodi and relish the taste.

  • Sawai Madhopur has a subtropical, dry climate with distinct winter, summer and rainy seasons. Guavas are grown in this area and they are huge in size and much heavy in weight.

Updated on: 19-Apr-2022


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