What are the famous cuisines of Mumbai?

Mumbai is one of the most happening cities in India. Many people who come to Mumbai mostly come here to carry forward their careers in a particular direction and gain success. The reason for Mumbai being such a popular city is because of the number of options that are open to people from all walks of life.

The food in Mumbai is one of the main factors that brings together all the people. Let us discuss a few popular food items that almost staple for Mumbaikars.


  • This dish basically comprises of two pieces of white and fluffy bread along with a curry with butter topping and is served with cut raw onions and lemon pieces.

  • This is easily one of the most sought-after food in Mumbai and the best part about the dish is that it hardly takes any time for its preparation. The pav is the bread that is used in the dish and the bhaji is the curry that is served alongside. Squeezing a lemon onto the curry gives it a good zing and the dish will not disappoint you.


  • Having this tradition of serving kababs going on for almost a century now. Mohammed Ali road is the destination for kabab lovers.

  • In India, it is very rare to find places that actually cook and can tenderize beef like the way it is supposed to be cooked. This place has a series of stalls where you can see kababs hanging from stalls and the good thing is that the meat that is served here is fresh, as there will be a huge demand for these kababs.

Vada Pav

  • The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when you say Mumbai is vada pav. This is the staple food of Mumbai and a very satisfying grab and filling type of snack.

  • Basically, this dish is a potato patty that is placed in between a bun and then the patty is either spread over with coriander chutney or butter and then gently sprinkled with some garlic and chili powder.

Chicken tikka rolls

  • Since Mumbai is known to have a 24-hour lifestyle where the city never sleeps, it is necessary for the city to have stalls that offer food around the clock.

  • Bademiya is a very famous outlet that serves kababs and rolls to the people till 5 am in the morning every day. The chicken is skewered on the stick and then rolled off into a Rumali Roti that is freshly made and is very soft.

  • This proves to be the perfect meal for people who have had a good night of partying and are hungry and also for people who have just finished off their late-night shifts and are getting back home.