What are the famous cuisines of Kerala?

Kerala is also known as God's own country and is very famous for its scenic beauty. A wide variety of traditional cuisines dominate in the state. Keralites prepare large varieties of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Since the land of Kerala has an abundance of coconuts, almost each and every dish that is made in this state has a hint of coconut taste. Spices like ginger and pepper are also available in plenty and this further enriches that taste of the dishes. Let us discuss some of the most famous dishes that are served in the state of Kerala.


  • This is a very traditional Kerala dish which is like a Malayali version of a buffet.

  • The food is served on a banana leaf and one after one the items are just served randomly onto the plate. The plate will consist of at least 24 different items which include dessert as well.

  • The buffet is pure vegetarian and the types of pickles that are served are just mind-blowing. There are almost 5 different types of pickles that are made from different vegetable and also another main attraction is the rice and sambar which is best complemented with the main curry which is most probably the ladies finger curry.

Thalassery biryani

  • Though biryani is a very common dish in the southern part of India the biryani that is made in this state is very different and unique as they use a whole range of different spices.

  • In most biryanis, they use red chili powder but in the case of this biryani only garam masala and green chili powder is used and the red powder is totally avoided.

  • The rice that is used in this biryani is known as kaima which is a very thin type of rice.

  • The meat that is used in the biryani is given a slow cooking process on a constant heat and cooked until it's tender and soft.

Kappa (tapioca)

  • A long time back tapioca was considered as food for the poor man who couldn’t afford rice but lately, this has turned to become a very exotic dish.

  • Kappa Ulathiyathu is a very famous dish made of tapioca. The tapioca is boiled and then mashed into a paste.

  • This heavily complements dishes like fish curry or chicken curry.

  • This food is available in plenty in the state of Kerala and Is consumed either for breakfast, lunch or just as a side dish.

Puttu and Kadalakarri

  • This is an ideal breakfast for the people living in this region.

  • The puttu is made from a machine known as the puttu maker which is a metal dome in which the rice flour and coconut are mixed and then they are boiled. The food item will be cylindrical in shape, just as the puttu maker.

  • People also use ragi, oats and wheat flour as a substitute for rice flour depending on their choice of taste and nutrition.