SAP HANA BI Development - Benefits

SAP HANA is an in-memory database that provides exceptional calculation capabilities, analytical reporting, and real-time application development. Key capabilities of SAP HANA is mentioned on SAP site link −

Following are the advantages of using SAP HANA −

SAP HANA In-memory Database

SAP HANA in-memory database services provide the capability of processing high-speed transactions and analytics. It helps in managing large database volumes using multitenant database containers and dynamic tiering across multi-tier storage.

Analytics Processing

Using HANA in-memory processing capability - text, predictive, spatial, graph, streaming, and time series - you can get answers to any business question and make smart decisions in real time.

App Development

Using SAP HANA, you can develop next-generation applications that combine analytics and transactions, and deploy them on any device.

Data Access

SAP HANA helps the organization in getting accurate and complete view of business by accessing data from different sources. HANA provides real-time data replication and data quality to improve decision making from internal and external data sources.


SAP HANA ensures application availability and tools to monitor processes along with data and application security.


SAP HANA provides a dashboard to monitor all KPIs related to security. It helps in keeping communications, data storage, and application services secure with robust identity and access management control.