Design Studio Connection with HANA

Using SAP Design Studio, you can create new Analysis applications. SAP Design Studio provides a list of predefined template suitable to open in the web browser.

Web Browser

You can create an analysis application using different data sources - SAP BW or SAP HANA. To connect to SAP HANA, use the existing backend connections. Navigate to Tool → Preferences.

Analysis Application

In the Preferences window, navigate to Application Design tab → Backend Connections.

Backend Connections

How to Create a New Connection?

To create a new connection to SAP HANA using HDB ODBC drivers, click the icon to add a connection.

Create New Connection

In the ODBC Data Source Administrator, go to System DSN → click Add.

System DSN

In a new window, search for the HDB ODBC database drivers. These drivers get installed when you install SAP HANA client. Click the Finish button.

SAP Client

In the new window, enter the following details of the HANA system.

  • HANA Host name
  • Port Number/Instance Number (3xx15, xx-instance number)
  • User name and Password for authentication and click OK
HANA Host Name

To perform the connection check, click the Connect button → Connection Successful. To see the new connection, click the Reload connection. To use the connection, you may need to reopen the Design Studio.

Design Studio