Crystal Report Development on HANA

To develop a report on top of HANA views, you can use direct connection to HANA views. You have to select SAP HANA Platform (Select a HANA view).

SAP HANA Platform

Once you click the New Server... option, it will open the Server Connections window. If you have an existing connection, you can use Import Connections. You can also add a new connection by clicking the "Add" button.

Once you click the Add button, you have to enter the following details −

  • Connection Display Name
  • HANA Server
  • HANA Server Instance
  • User Name
Add Button

Once you connect to HANA system, it will display all OLAP metadata in HANA repository. You have to navigate to the required package and select view that you want to use.

You can select from an Analytic View or a Calculation view. Click OK and then the Next button at the bottom of the screen.

Click OK

This will open all the dimensions and measure in the query panel. You have to drag all the objects to the Result Object fields. You can also add a filter at the query panel and click Finish. Then, choose from the following options −

  • Generate report
  • Show in page mode
Result Object Fields

You can navigate to Structure and Page mode to design the report.

Structure and Page Mode

Once the Crystal Report is created using a query, to make changes to the objects you have to go to the Edit Data Sources... option. When you click the option, it will open an Edit Query panel, where you can add/delete objects, apply filters, etc.

You can also edit an existing query by going to Data → Edit Data Sources as shown in the following image.

Edit Data Sources

Once you are done with the changes, click Finish and all the changes will be applied to the data in the Crystal Report.