Trial Limitations

You can get a free SAP Cloud platform account with developer license to try and test the platform. This account can be used for non-productive usage and it only allows one member per account.

Besides, there are few other limitations in a trial account −

  • For productive purpose, you should use a commercial license for SAP Cloud platform. Following commercial license are available to be used −

Commercial License


Commercial License


Contract Period

Subscription period(typically 12 months or more).

Contract Period

Consumption period(12+ months).

Available SAP Cloud Platform Services

You can use the services that are specified in your contract. Additional service require contract modifications.

Available SAP Cloud Platform services

You are entitled to use all eligible SAP Cloud Platform services. No additional contract is required for changes in usage.

Price / Cost

The cost is fixed for the duration of the subscription period, irrespective of consumption.

Price / Cost

You prepay for cloud credits, which are then balanced against consumption of services.


In advance, at the start of the contract period.


In advance, and again when cloud credits are used up*.


At the end of the subscription period.


At the end of the consumption period.

  • SAP Cloud trial account does not offer a service level agreement related to availability of SAP Cloud platform service.

  • You cannot add any additional member to trial account.

  • Free trial provides 1GB of storage on shared HANA instance.

  • Trial version only supports Java and HTML5 application. It does not support HANA XS application development in trial account.

  • You can deploy multiple Java applications on your trial account however only one app can be in started state.