SAP Cloud Platform - Free Trial

SAP Cloud platform also provides a free trial. For creating a trial account, you need to click “Start your free trial” button as shown below. You can also chat with SAP experts for any queries.

Chat with SAP Experts

To register for free trail, you need to provide your work email id, and other details. Once you successfully submit all the details, you can use that for logging into the Cloud service.

Register for Free Trail

Once you provide all details and login, you will get a message − “Welcome to your free trial”. To start your trial, click the blue icon - “Click here to start your trial”. SAP also assigns you a unique User Id for your trial period.

Once you login, it takes you to SAP Cloud platform cockpit.

SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit

SAP Cloud Platform cockpit is the central Web-based user interface for administrators, and you can use this for providing access to various functions for configuring and managing applications using SAP Cloud platform. You can use the cockpit to manage resources, services, security, monitor application metrics, and perform actions on cloud applications.

Configuring Managing Applications