SAP Cloud Platform - Checklist for Site Planning

Before you start creating your site in Cloud platform, you should have clear idea about site goals, content of the site, site navigation and site evolution. This chapter explains these aspects in detail.

The key points to be considered for site planning are as follows −

  • Site Goals
  • Site Navigation
  • Site Content
  • Site Evolution

You will have to use the following checklist for this purpose −

  • Purpose of site creation
  • Target audience
  • Business goals
  • End user goals

The target audience for a site can include the following −

  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • Existing customers
  • New customers

Once your goals are identified, define the navigation for your site. This includes how user will navigate between site pages. Note that the site menu can be managed for all pages or only for few pages.

Site content must be defined which includes text, videos, graphics and images. SAP Cloud portal allows you to add custom widgets, video, URL’s and you can also create your own widgets.

You can define type of themes you want to use for your web site − you can use default theme or customized theme to meet your desired site design. Content of site includes −

  • Content Type
  • Branding
  • Theme
  • Links to be used
  • Feedback from site user

To create a new site, Site directory is your starting point. Site directory takes each site as card, contains site details and other relevant information about site creation.

Site Directory