SAP Cloud Platform - Creating Service Key

Service keys are used in an application to directly communicate with a service instance. When service keys are configured for service, apps from other space, outside entities can access your service using service keys. Service keys can be created using SAP Cloud cockpit or Cloud Foundry command line interface.

To create service keys using SAP Cloud cockpit, navigate to space where service instance has been created and go to Services → Service Marketplace

Service Marketplace

Select the service you want to create a service key → Select the Instance for which service key has to be created → Left side navigate to Service Keys tab.

Service Key

To create Service key for instance, click on Create Service Key button. Enter a name for the service key → Optionally enter configuration parameters → Save

Parameters Save

To create a service key using Cloud Foundry command line interface, you need to run the following command −


Now, enter the following parameters −

  • SERVICE_INSTANCE − This shows name of the service instance.

  • SERVICE_KEY − You need to mention the name for the service key.

  • -c − (Optional) Here you need to provide service-specific configuration parameters in a valid JSON object

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