SAP Cloud Platform - Cloud Repositories

You can have different cloud repositories for site building maintained by SAP Cloud administrators. These repositories can be edited/modified by users with administrator privileges. The content of the cloud repositories is available in authoring space. In this chapter, let us discuss the available cloud repositories in SAP Cloud.

Types and Usage

The following repositories are available in SAP Cloud −

  • Theme Repository − This is available in Theme tab in Portal service

  • Document Repository − This is available on Document tab in Portal service

  • Widget Repository − This is available in Content tab in Portal service

Cloud Repositories

Using Theme Repository

In theme repository, themes are available in table form with details- name of the theme, description and theme creator name. Theme repository can be accessed from Themes tab of Portal service. The default theme for the account is represented using “star” shape symbol.

To create a new theme, navigate to Themes tab in the Portal service tab → Add Theme at the right corner and this will open “Add Theme” dialog box.

Enter the theme details, such as a name, description, and path to the theme file (LESS)location → Click Add button. You can also edit or delete an existing theme from repository.

Name UI Theme

Using Document Repository

Document repository contains all the documents which can be shared, reused in different sites. It contains all the documents for a given account. Document repository can be accessed from Document tab of Portal service in Cloud platform.

Documents can be uploaded and arranged in repository. You can also perform a search or download the documents and can also see site details where documents are used.

To access document repository, navigate to Portal service tab → SAP Cloud Platform cockpit → Repositories → Document Repositories

Document Repositories

If document repository doesn’t exist, you can create a new Repository. Click on New Repository and enter the details −

  • Name
  • Display Name
  • Description
  • Description
  • Repository Key

Note − Repository key should be minimum 10 characters.

Also, to maintain the content integrity in repository, you cannot edit documents stored in the repository. Instead, you download a document, edit it, and upload the new, updated document.

You can also edit repository name, change repository key or delete a document repository using below options −

Edit Repository Details

Using Widget Repository

Widget repository contains all the available widgets for a given account. You can access Widget repository from Content tab of Portal service in Cloud platform. The widget in repository are listed in table format and shows the basic information about widgets. Following Widget types can be added to repository −

  • Social widget
  • URL widget
  • SAP Jam Feed widget
Widget Repository

Web Content Windgets

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