Binding an Instance to Application

You can bind a service instance to an application using cockpit or command line interface. The binding of an instances to applications can be performed both at the application view or at service-instance view in Cloud cockpit.

To create a binding at service instance view, navigate to Services → Service Instances

Service Instances

Select Bind Instance in the Actions column for your service instance as shown below.

Service Instance

Select your application from drop down and you can also specify parameters in the JSON format or select a JSON file → Save.

Bind Instance

To bind a service instance to an application using Cloud Foundry command line interface, use the following command −


In the above command, you have to pass the following parameters −

  • APP_NAME − You need to pass the application name.

  • SERVICE_INSTANCE − You need to pass the service instance.

  • -c − You need to pass service-specific configuration parameters in a valid JSON object (OPTIONAL)