SAP Cloud Platform - Transferring Sites

You can also perform site transfer from SAP Cloud platform or to create a prototype or to create site from other accounts. Basic site transfer can be performed using export/import option in Site directory.

To export site as a zip file, it can include −

  • Pages
  • Content in Open Social widgets
  • Theme files
  • Translation sites
  • Site user's details (Optional field)

To export a site, go to Site Directory → select the site to export and click on Site Actions → Export Site and save ZIP file to your system.

To import site, again go to Site Directory → Add site → Import Site.

Site Directory Import

This will create a site in the Site Directory and the transfer date is displayed in the Created field. You can also create a duplicate site, click on Site Actions → Duplicate Site.

Now enter the following in the name and description details −

  • Site name of the new site
  • Site Description of the new site

Next, click Duplicate button and this will create a copy of an existing site with name and description provided.

Duplicate Button

You can select “Include site users” checkbox if you want to include invited end users in the duplicated site.

Note − You should have “TENANT_ADMIN” role (Administrator) in the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit.

Tenant Admin