SAP Cloud Platform - New Site Creation

In SAP Cloud platform, you use Site Directory to create new site and to manage access to sites which you have permissions. Site Directory is first point for creating new sites. It is also possible to sort the cards in the Site Directory using the filter list (Sort-by) at the top, and you can search for specific sites using the Search field at the top right.

Using Site Directory, you can also view sites from additional sources, as follows −

Transferred Sites

Sites that were previously exported as ZIP files from other accounts or landscapes, and then imported to the Site Directory.

Transported Sites

Sites originated from a different account and deployed automatically to this account through SAP Cloud Platform.

To navigate to Site Directory, go to Services → Portal.

Transported Sites Portal

In the Overview tab of the Portal Section, you can see a short description of the service and a set of actions that can be performed. To access the launchpad(s) and the customization tool, navigate to go to Services

SAP Cloud Platform Portal lets you build digital experience portals for employees, customers, and partners. You can streamline access to business data so that your employees can execute their daily business tasks securely, from any device.

SAP Cloud Platform Portal

If you have already site defined, you can see list of all sites under Site directory page. To create a new site, click on card with cross button (+).

SAP Site directory

Next step is to enter a name and description for the site and click Create and Open. This will add site to Site Directory.

SAP Site Name

Using Site Directory, you can perform different tasks related to site management- import/export a site, publish a site, delete a site, etc. Following table lists different task you can perform using Site Directory → Site Actions

Create a new site

Click +Add Site or click the blank card with the cross on it.

In the Create Site dialog box, enter the Site Name and Description. Then click either Create and Open, or Save.

Import an existing site

Click Add Site+Add SiteImport SiteImport SiteImport Site

In the Import Site dialog box, browse to the location of the ZIP file, and Import

Change the name and description of a site

Hover over the card, click the next at the top, and enter your changes.

The text is saved automatically.

Open a site for editing

Hover over the site card and click Edit

The Authoring Space opens.

Publish a site

In the Setting(Site actions) menu, click Publish

This action makes the site available on the web, for viewing by end users.

Take a site offline

In the Setting(Site actions) menu, click Take Offline

This action does not delete the site, bur rather blocks end users access to it until you publish the site again.

Export a site

In the Setting(Site actions) menu, click Export.

This action creates a ZIP file of your site structure, contents, and optionally, a list of your site guests.

Select a default site for the domain

In the Setting(Site actions) menu, click Set as Default.

A default site is indicated by a star in the top-right StarCorner of the card:

Make an indentical copy of a site and its contents

In the Setting(Site actions) menu, click Duplicate.

In the Duplicate Site dialog box, enter a Name and optional Description for the site copy, and select whether to include the existing list of site guests.

Delete a site

In the Setting(Site actions) menu, click Delete

This action completely delets the site and its contents. You deleted and unpublished site or a site that has been takenn offline (You cannot delete a publish site.)

Using Authoring space of SAP Cloud Platform, sites can be build, design and published. Authoring tools are used to make changes to site design, and changes are immediately implemented without need of saving work. You have following authoring tools from side panel to make changes to your site −

Set your site-level settings such as: site URL, tracking code, and redirect for downtime or mobile access. Setting Site setting
View all content that is avaialble for use in your sites, and add it to site pages. Content Catalog Content Catalog
Set the design settings for site, such as: site layout, site theme, and page template. Design Settings Design Settings
Add pages to your site and define specific settings for each page, such as: page alias, access level, and visibility. Page Management Page Management
Add authors and invite site guests to view your site. User Management User Management
Preview your site on different devices. Site Preview Site Preview
Publish your site to make it available online, or take the site offline. Publishing Options Publishing Options
Access the SAP Cloud Platform Portal documentation. Help Help
Go back to the site Directory Site Directory
Log off form the SAP Cloud Platform environment. Log Off
Supplier Port

Note − For site creation, you should have TENANT_ADMINrole (Administrator) in the SAP Cloud Platform Portal cockpit.