SAP Cloud Platform - Other Site Activities

You can define a site as the default site to your account. This helps user to modify a site without taking it offline for maintenance. You can make changes to the site and then make the updated site as default site for your account. In this chapter, let us discuss such other site activities that can be done.

To assign default site to your account, navigate to Site directory and bring the cursor on the site card you want to make as default. From Site Action menu → click Set as default.

Site Activity

Managing Site Statistics

In SAP Cloud platform, you can also analyze statistics of portal sites which you have access. You can use Analytics dashboard to check statistical information related to Portal sites. Go to Analytics tab in Portal service to view charts or tables of statistical information about the usage of one or more selected sites.

You can use this information to better understand usage trends, and traffic peaks and lows, and thereby improve your sites to yield optimal results.

Managing Site Statistics

To enable it, navigate to Services and Tools → Data Privacy Management

Data Privacy Management

Using Analytics option, you can find the following information −

  • You can view a gauge for Visits and Visitors to measure the web traffic during a time period and you can further break the report in day, hours, and mins.

  • You can also view the different devices from which the site was accessed- mobile devices, tablets or user PC.

  • You can also check the information related to OS type used and browser types to access the site.

Usage Analytics

When you click View Usage Analytics, you have an option to Visits and Visitors details (Hour, day, week and month), device type, Operating systems and browser details.

Usage Analytics Dashboard