SAP Cloud Platform - HTML App Development

In SAP Cloud platform, you can develop SAP UI5, HTML5 based applications and open social widgets and consume them using SAP Cloud portal service. Using SAP Cloud platform, you can develop and execute HTML5 applications in cloud platform. It can contain static resources and can be connected to other on-premise or on-demand REST service.

To develop a HTML5 application and consume it in Cloud Portal service, you need to perform the following steps −

  • Develop HTML5 application and save it in HANA Cloud

  • Next is to convert HTML5 application to an OpenSocial widget

  • Add the OpenSocial widget to the Portal service widget repository

Setting Environment

To develop HTML5 applications, you can use the browser-based tool like SAP Web IDE that does not require any additional setup. Let us see how to develop “Hello World Application Using SAP Web IDE”.

Login to SAP Cloud Platform cockpit and click on Applications → HTML5 Applications. In case you have already created applications using this subaccount, it will show a list of HTML5 applications.

Setting Environment

Now to develop a new HTML5 application → Click on New Application and enter an application name. Note that name of application must contain lower case alphanumeric characters and must not exceed 30 characters and start with a letter.

HTML5 application

You can navigate to Applications page and click “Create Hello World App” to check the steps included in HTML5 development.

Create Hello World App

Steps Involved

The following steps are involved for creating a HTML5 application −

  • Create a Project
  • Edit HTML5 application
  • Deploy the application to SAP Cloud platform
Directory Create Project

To deploy your application to SAP Cloud platform, right on application Deploy → Deploy to SAP Cloud platform.

Application Deploy

Login to SAP Cloud platform and enter user name and password. You can keep “Activate” option checked and this will activate new version directly.

Click OK button for completing deployment process.

Completing Deployment Process