Backend System Connection

In SAP Cloud platform, objects in Portal site can be communicated to SAP Backend system. Portal service can be integrated with backend system like CRM, or SAP HR system. In this chapter, let us discuss them in detail.


To integrate, following perquisites should be met −

  • You should have gateway server and service has been installed.

  • SAP Cloud connector should be installed, and connection should be defined between Gateway service and portal service.

  • You should have destination defined in portal service.

SAP Cloud Platform Connectivity option allows cloud application to connect internet service and on-premise system via Cloud Connector. SAP Cloud Administrator can create destinations so that users can build, test, and deploy applications. You configure the destination for SAP Web IDE to SAP Enterprise Portal in the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit.

For this purpose, navigate to Connectivity → Destinations and this will open destination editor. To create a new destination, click on New Destination option as below −

New Destination Option

The following details should be entered to create a destination −

Create Destination

In the Additional Properties section, click New Property for each of the properties and click Save to save the destination.

Additional Properties section

WebIDEUage Type enterprise_portal
WebIDEEnabled Set the property to true.
WebIDESystem Enter your system ID.
ConnectionTimeout Enter the period of time in milliseconds that SAP Web IDE waits while establishing a connection before terminating the attempt and generating an error.
  • Default: 10000(10 Secs)
  • Max: value: 120000(120 secs)
ClientReadTimeout Enter the period of time in milliseconds that SAP Web IDE waits for a response form the request service before terminating the attempt and generating an error.
  • Default : 30000(30 secs)
  • Max: value: 300000(300 secs)

You can also edit an existing destination by selecting Destination name and click on Edit button. You also have other options like - Clone, Export, Delete, etc.

Edit Destination