SAP Cloud Platform Tutorial

SAP Cloud Platform Tutorial

SAP Cloud Platform is a cloud-based tool to develop and deploy custom applications. This includes full range of service catalog including database, storage and backup of data, reporting service and transaction layer to develop multi-platform software development. This tutorial gives you a comprehensive coverage of concepts of SAP Cloud and makes you comfortable to use it in your software development projects.


This tutorial has been prepared for professionals who aspire to learn the fundamentals of Cloud Platform and application development. Consultants and project team members who have already been a part of SAP application development can draw benefits from this tutorial and refresh their knowledge.


The course is designed for beginners with little or no knowledge of SAP Cloud platform. The reader is expected to have a basic understanding of application development using Java, HTML5 and HANA XS applications. If you are new to any of these technologies, we would suggest you to refresh your knowledge on these tutorials first, before starting with SAP Cloud Platform.