SAP BO Administration - Roles

To undertake the responsibility as a SAP BO Administrator, one should have three to four years of experience in managing SAP BO multitenant environment.

Job Responsibilities

The job responsibilities of SAP BO Administrator are as follows −

  • Setting up the monitoring of BO servers.

  • Setting up the auditing policies, and manage event and alerts related to CMS, Audit and Reporting Database services

  • Keep availability of BO Web applications CMC, BI Launchpad, and other applications.

  • Manage day to day scheduled report jobs from Instance Manager.

  • Handling the support issues from business users.

  • Monitoring the resources of BusinessObjects servers.

  • Manage user and permissions.

  • Manage Universe and Connections and other BI Repository objects.

  • Backup and Restore of BusinessObjects environment.