Managing Universe and Connections

In SAP BO environment, Connections are used to define how your BO applications connect and fetch data from a Relational or OLAP database. Universe are created on top of connections to provide a semantic layer to developers to convert technical design into business requirement. Connections and Universes are usually published in Repository to share with other BO users.

Using CMC console, you can also manage Universes and connections in your BI platform. Relations connections can only be created using UDT or IDT tool, however in CMC Console, you can create OLAP connections to data models.

To manage connections, you must navigate to Connection option in drop down list. It shows you list of all database connections published into BI repository.

Manage Connections

To create an OLAP connection, navigate to OLAP Connections from drop down list → Click on green icon.

OLAP Connections

In Connection parameters window, you must provide below details and click on Save button to save this connection.

  • Name
  • Description
  • Provider
  • Server Information
  • Authentication
Parameters Window

To manage Universes in your BO environment, navigate to Universe option in drop down. It will show you all the published Universes in BI repository.

Universe Option