SAP BO Administration - Managing Groups

When you need to assign same permissions to set of users, groups can be created, and users can be added to provide similar permissions. With group management, you can change the permissions of whole group instead of making changes to individual users. Using groups, you can provide access to repository objects instead of managing single user permissions.

There are few default Group accounts in SAP BO environment, as explained below −

Administrators Members of this group can perform all task in all of the BI platform applications(CMC, CCM, Publishing Wizard, and BI launch pad). By default, the Administrators group contains only the Administrator user.
Everyone Each user is a member of the Everyone group.
QaaWS Group designer Members of this group have access to Query as a Web Service
Report Conversion Tool Users Members of this group have access to the Report Conversion Tool application.
Translators Members of this group have access to the Translation Manager application.
Universe Designer Users User who belong to this group are granted access to the Universe Designer folder and the Connections folder. They can control who has access rights to the Designer application. You must add users to this group as needed. By default, no user belongs to this group.

You can also create a new Group by navigating to Users and Groups tab in CMC Console → New Group and provide Group name and description as below −

SAP BO Description

Once new group is created, you can add users, subgroups, and assign group memberships. To modify group properties, select group → Manage → Properties.

This can be viewed in the screen given below −

SAP BO Properties

To add a user to an existing group, right click on Group name − Add member to Group and it will open a new window with User list that can be added to selected group, as stated below −

SAP BO Selected Group

You can select any user from left side and use arrow key to add the user to selected group. To save the changes, click OK button.