SAP BO Administration - Introduction

BusinessObjects (BO) is a Business intelligence (BI) software from SAP to create interactive ad-hoc reports for users on SAP and non-SAP data sources. Managing BO environment in a large enterprise is one of biggest challenge for System Administrators. SAP BO tool comes with large number of inbuilt tools which is used by BO Administrators to configure and manage BO environment.

BusinessObjects Administrator tools are used for configuring BO environment and services, manage BI reports, monitoring and auditing, users and security, events and alert management and other administration activities.

All these tools provide SAP Administrators with a solution for improving overall reporting experience for end users and reducing administrative effort in managing BO environment. A list of admin tasks performed using BO Administration tool is given below −

  • Creating publications in BI environment for report distribution.
  • Create Users and user groups.
  • Create and Manage BI users.
  • Start and stop BI services.
  • Content and Server Management.
  • Managing objects in BO environment.
  • License Management - Concurrent and named users.
  • Auditing BO environment.
  • Alert and events management.
  • BO version upgrade and migration activities.
  • Managing Security profiles.
  • Maintenance of CMC and BI Launchpad.
  • Backup and restore.
  • Troubleshooting and node configuration.