SAP BO Administration - Databases

You have different database configured in BO environment which serves different purpose based on your requirement. It includes database used for BI reporting, auditing, monitoring database or CMS system database. Each of the database is used for different activity based on your deployment practice −

The common databases configured in a BO environment are as follows −

Reporting Database

This database is used as data source for BI reports to fetch and display the data and used by BO client tools to create interactive reports and dashboards. This database is commonly a Relational database but you can also use other sources like text files, or Online analytical processing (OLAP) systems.

CMS System Database

It is also referred as a system repository and maintained by CMS. This is used to hold the information related to servers, nodes, user, configuration and access details.

When you perform SAP BI installation, during setup you need to provide database to connect for storing default system details. When you select the database, the setup process creates the tables and views required to use that database as system database.

For Windows installation, it uses SQL Server 2008 Release 2 database client and server. Also, it creates a database user account and schema to be used in CMS database.

The CMS Database overview for this Windows pattern is stated in the below mentioned table.

Version SQL Server 2008 R2
Database Name cms08r2u03v

Server Name






Before you start with BO installation, you need to create Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) data source name (DSN) to be used later during installation process, as CMS is 64-bit service. So DSN should be created as 64 bit ODBC Administrator only.

Auditing Data Store (ADS)

This is used to track the events in your BI environment. It captures all system components usage, user sessions in environment and other activities.

LCM Database

This is used to capture version and configuration details related to BI installation and also other upgrade activities. When you move BI objects from one repository to other using LCM tool, this database stores the version of same BO object.

Monitoring Database

You can configure monitoring of BO servers in your environment. When you configure monitoring, it uses Java Derby database to store system configuration details.