BI Launchpad Configuration

BO Administrators can also configure BI Launchpad preferences using CMC console. User can also configure their own preferences in Launchpad, and it takes precedence over default setting. Following preferences can be configured −

  • Home tab

  • Default location to store

  • Folders

  • Categories

  • Number of objects per page

  • Columns displayed on the Document tab

  • Whether to display documents in BI launch pad on a tab or in a new window

You can define BI Launchpad preferences for different groups using CMC console → Users and Groups → Select group for which you want to set BI Launchpad preferences, as stated below −

BI Launchpad

To setup BI Launchpad preferences, clear checkbox “No Preferences Defined” and select Home tab or Documents tab to choose the default start page in BI launch pad. This is explained in the screen given below −

BI Launchpad Preferences

When you select Home tab, select one of the following actions to choose the home page on the tab −

  • To display the default BI launch pad Home tab, select Default Home tab.

  • To display a specific web site as the Home tab, select Home tab → Browse Home Tab → select an object in the BI repository → Open.

When you select Documents tab, you can select My Documents to display your documents drawer, and choose from below to show as default node −

  • My Favorites

  • Personal Categories

  • My Inbox

You can also select your Folder structure and Categories to display for group users, as stated below −

Folder Structure

Folder Structures


When an Administrator make some changes to BI Launchpad preferences, it takes precedence over user and default settings.