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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - Which of the following Transaction code is used to compare the codes of a program on two systems?

A - SC39

B - SC001

C - SCU01

D - SCU0

Answer : D


To compare the customizing settings between 2 systems/clients. Example when some transactions are behaving differently between systems/clients and you are suspecting that some of the customizing is missing from one of them.

T-CODE − SCU0 offers a flexible way to perform comparison include by selecting exactly which parts of the IMG (Implementation Guide) that require to be compared and also allows comparison results to be stored for later use and reference.

Q 3 - What is the transaction code to open ABAP editor to create or change ABAP program?

A - SE80

B - SE38

C - SE59

D - SE48

Answer : B

Q 4 - Which of the below programs are not executable and act as container for global classes?

A - Type K

B - Type F

C - Type J

D - Type S

Answer : A

Q 5 - While maintaining program attributes of ABAP program, what would be value of TYPE filed to create a module pool?

A - 1

B - T

C - S

D - M

Answer : D

Q 6 - When you want the user to enter either a single value for a field or fields, or to enter selection criteria, which of the below screen type can be used?

A - Dialog Screens

B - Custom Screens

C - Selection Screens

D - All of the above

Answer : C

Q 7 - ABAP contains a series of statements that allow you to leave an event block. Which of the below is specifically used to leave a GET event block?





Answer : B

Q 8 - In SAP ABAP, SAP memory is a global memory whereas ABAP memory is local memory?

A - True

B - False

Answer : A

Q 9 - Which of the following receive the request from client and assigns the request to one of the work process?

A - Roll Area

B - Dispatcher

C - ABAP Processor

D - All of the above

Answer : B


Dispatcher receives the request from client and assigns the request to one of the work process

Roll area Each work process works in a particular memory that memory is known as RoleArea, which consists of User context and session data.

ABAP Processor is an interpreter which can execute logic.

Q 10 - You can create an ABAP program that only contain subroutines?

A - True

B - False

Answer : A


You can create ABAP/4 program which only contain subroutines.