SAP ABAP - Structures

Structure is a data object that is made up of components of any data type stored one after the other in the memory.


Structures are useful for painting screen fields, and for manipulating data that has a consistent format defined by a discrete number of fields.

A structure may have only a single record at run-time, but a table can have many records.

Creating a Structure

Step 1 − Go to transaction SE11.

Step 2 − Click on the ‘Data type’ option on the screen. Enter the name 'ZSTR_CUSTOMER1' and click on Create button.

Step 3 − Select the option 'Structure' in the next screen and press Enter. You can see 'Maintain / Change Structure' wizard.

Step 4 − Enter the Short Description as shown in the following snapshot.

Structure Description

Step 5 − Enter the Component (Field Name) and Component Type (Data Element).

Note &minu; Here the component names start with Z as per the SAP recommendation. Let's use data elements that we have already created in the database table.

Step 6 − You need to Save, Check and Activate after providing all the components and component types.

The following screen appears −

Active Structure

Step 7 − As this 'ZSTR_CUSTOMER1' is highlighted, click the green tick button. This window disappears and the status bar will display the message ‘Active’.

The structure is now activated as shown in the following snapshot −

ZSTR Structure1