SAP ABAP - Screen Navigation

In order to understand SAP ABAP, you need to have basic knowledge of screens like Login, ABAP Editor, Logout and so on. This chapter focuses on screen navigation and the standard toolbar functionality.

Login Screen

After you log on to SAP server, SAP login screen will prompt for User ID and Password. You need to provide a valid user ID and Password and press Enter (the user id and password is provided by system administrator). Following is the login screen.

SAP Login Screen

Toolbar Icon

Following is the SAP screen toolbar.

SAP Screen Toolbar

Menu Bar − Menu bar is the top line of dialog window.

Standard Toolbar − Most standard functions such as Top of Page, End of Page, Page Up, Page Down and Save are available in this toolbar.

Title Bar − Title Bar displays the name of the application/business process you are currently in.

Application Toolbar − Application specific menu options are available here.

Command Field − We can start an application without navigating through the menu transactions and some logical codes are assigned to business processes. Transaction codes are entered in the command field to directly start the application.

ABAP Editor

You may just start the transaction SE38 (enter SE38 in Command Field) to navigate to the ABAP Editor.

ABAP Editor

Standard Keys and Icons

Exit keys are used to exit the program/module or to log off. They are also used to go back to the last accessed screen.

Following are the standard exit keys used in SAP as shown in the image.

Standard Keys Icons

Following are the options for checking, activating and processing the reports.

Activating and Processing Reports

Log Off

It’s always a good practice to Exit from your ABAP Editor or/and logoff from the SAP system after finishing your work.

ABAP Editor Logoff