How to turn off YouTube comments in YouTube Mobile app?

Starting a YouTube channel is exciting, but can also be scary sometimes. Receiving positive comments on the video is pleasant, it is a wonderful feeling when subscribers comment on your videos. A message of support can make a creator's day. But not all YouTube viewers are nice, every creator has fear of receiving negative ones as well. Some comments are disrespectful for no apparent reason.

YouTube allows users to add comments to videos to share feedback so that creators can improve. While it is a reality that not everyone will like your content, and no one wants to deal with potential harassment. Luckily, YouTube has several tools to help you control the comment feature on your videos, it is also possible to disable the comment feature for your video. Rather than absorbing negativity, it is better to turn off comments. Turning off YouTube comments by creators can save them from dealing with annoying comments

Regardless of whether your YouTube comments are off or on, nothing is a permanent choice. Switching your comments off can be done easily. When a new YouTube channel starts, your comments are turned on by default on every video.

Four main settings YouTube provides for comment are −

Allow all comments − User comments are immediately visible.

Hold all comments for review − Approval is required for every comment before it will show in the comment section. These comments will stay in the review tab of the video for up to 60 days.

Hold some comments for review − If some comments are flagged by YouTube’s system, they will be hidden and held for review. This is the default setting for every new video. When you start a new channel on YouTube, the default comment setting is to hold inappropriate comments for review and allow all other comments to show immediately under the video.

Turn off comments − Prevents the user from leaving comments under your video.

Luckily, this feature is so handy, that you do not need a desktop computer for this. You can enable or disable YouTube comments from your mobile too.

How to turn off YouTube comments from YouTube mobile App

You will need YouTube studio App for turning off comments. The step-by-step procedure to turn off comments is as follows −

Step 1

Open YouTube Studio App on your mobile phone.

Step 2

On the home screen, your content videos will be there. Click on three dots beside the heading of the video whose comments are to be turned off.

Step 3

A pop-up will flash on the screen. Tap on the pen-like edit button to Edit the video for comments settings.

Step 4

The video details screen will open, tap on more options.

Step 5

Tap on > icon as shown below in the image, to open all settings of comment the feature.

Step 6

You can see the default settings of “Hold inappropriate comments for review” is enabled. Tap on Disable comments.

Step 7

After selecting Disable comments, press the back button of your mobile phone.

Step 8

Again, tap on the back button of your mobile phone.

Step 9

Tap on the Save button, to save the edits on comment settings.

Step 10

The video will be saved and the comments on this video will turn off.

Step 11

The edits done on the video are saved.

Final Output After Editing

When the video is played after turning off comments, you can see that “Comments are turned off” is being displayed on the screen.

Advantages of disabling YouTube comments

  • Prevent viewers from spreading harmful messaging. By turning them off, the creator can prevent trolls from leaving harmful comments.

  • Better control of your brand’s narrative. When the public cannot digest channel views and ideas, the creator must control his brand’s image. This is important if you plan to promote your YouTube channel for your brand growth.

  • Disabling comments will help reduce the workload of your teammates.

Disadvantages of disabling YouTube comments

  • Your brand may appear to be less trustworthy.

  • You might frustrate your viewers who want to leave positive comments. Censoring the public’s ability to leave comments prevents positive ones, too. Viewers who are loyal to you and enjoy your content may feel bad about your decision to turn off comments.

  • Your channel may suffer a greater drop in engagement. Comments are an important part of your engagement metrics.


Now you know how to allow and turn off comments on YouTube. Regardless of the device the steps to change are very easy but one needs to make changes on a video-by-video basis.

Comments can sometimes be overwhelming but it is important to know how to respond to social media comments. There may be times when one needs to disable comments all together to stop arguments, harassment and for peace of mind.

Now you are aware of how to handle comment settings on YouTube. Select a setting according to your choice, you will have more and better control of your videos.

Updated on: 29-Nov-2022


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