How to turn your own videos into Shorts on YouTube Mobile app?

Shorts was introduced as part of YouTube's move into the short video market, which has seen a boom with TikTok and Instagram Reels. The company's largest platform for videos was introduced Shorts last year. The company is making it simpler than ever for video makers to make Shorts videos, with more than a year of YouTube Shorts in place. Shorts makes sense to do so now that it has 1.5 billion YouTube users per month engaging with it, particularly for brand awareness and reach.

Users will be able to take material from their library, make a Shorts video of it, and post it on YouTube as part of the company's new feature. YouTube is enabling creators to convert existing long-form videos into Shorts, which is a fantastic strategy for getting more audiences.

Short, bite-sized videos are thriving on the internet due to people's short attention spans, which is a rapidly growing content category.

How to make a short out of your video?

YouTube's 'Edit into a Short' function is the quickest way to transform a lengthy video into a short one. The step-by-step procedure is as follows −

Start by opening the YouTube app.

Choose the 'Library' icon located on the bottom right.

Select the 'Your Videos' icon near the top.

Navigate to the desired video and select it. The screen will now display the video and several options in the menu below.

The next step is to choose the 'Create' icon in the menu.

Select 'Edit into a Short' at the top.

Using the tool, users can clip the video into segments of up to 60 second’s total.

Select a 60 second video by sliding. Click on next.

The short will start processing.

Furthermore, users can edit the Short by adding filters and additional footage with the camera or an imported video if the overall clip does not exceed 60 seconds.

When all the editing is done, tap 'Next' at the top right.

Add a title and caption for the video. Do not forget to select other necessary options before clicking 'Upload Short.'

Set the visibility of the video. Schedule it if you want.

You can immediately publish it also after addig details to all parameters.

Select the audiences of the video.

Set the comment preferences. You can disable comment also.

After adding all details upload the short.

The shorts are uploading.

The shorts video is uploaded.

The shorts has been uploaded to the library , click to play.

Click on Analytrics to see the analytics of video.

The Analytics of the short is opened.

You can like or comment on the short, by clicking on them. Click on comment to add one.

Add the comment.

Customizing your shorts

Content producers have been quick to adapt their lengthy films into shorter clips since the introduction of YouTube Shorts. This is a fantastic way for YouTubers to expand their audience. Efficiency is critical when you consider how much time creators spend shooting and producing their work. Therefore, YouTube Shorts' app was updated to include time-saving development tools. This procedure is straightforward to follow.

A green screen, music, effects, and subtitles are just a few of the extra video enhancements available. A maximum video length of 15 to 60 seconds is currently supported on the Shorts platform.

YouTube has been hosting short videos for almost a long time. The capability to generate shorts out of previously recorded videos is blooming a lot.

Points to be noted while creating Shorts

When converting an original long-form YouTube video into a Short, there are a few things to consider.

  • The YouTuber's original work must be the source of the short content.

  • If either the private or kid-friendly settings are enabled, the 'Create' button for shorts will not be visible in the menu.

  • Shorts that were created using YouTube's tool will link the material to the original video, which is extremely important. Viewers will be able to jump directly to the attributing material and watch the whole video.

  • Shorts can now be created out of lengthy YouTube videos on iPhone and Android devices, thanks to a new feature. Hopefully, YouTube will launch this on the browser early.


Shorts videos are seen by more than 1.5 billion people each month, despite YouTube's reputation as a long-form video provider. Shorts are a powerful way for creators to showcase their long-form videos and direct viewers to that material, according to content producers. YouTube's Short conversion tool is a simple way to take advantage of that success.

Given the increase in Shorts consumption and wider user preferences toward short-form video, it is a smart update, particularly as noted. Why shouldn't it look to benefit from such, instead of giving up market share to the challenger app, if that is what people want and YouTube has it?